An Experiment In #Writing Contemporary Romance: AMAL, Part 5

Part V of AMAL, also known as that time I tried writing contemporary romance.



I’m watching episode 4 of The Walking Dead, the one where Negan visits Alexandria and I know I shouldn’t like him, but my dark twisted soul rather loves him. He’s such an asshole and does all kinds of evil shit with that smirk on his face, looking all tall and sexy.

And when he met Father Gabriel – ha. I laughed aloud at his “creepy smile” comment – I’ve always thought the same about Gabriel – creepy.

Anyway, I’m going to keep watching Rick look sad and pathetic in the face of Negan’s sadistic, disgusting, horrifying behavior while y’all read some more of my Amal-Jackson-Andrew love triangle.

Oh, and for those of you just joining the party, here are parts ONE TWO THREE FOUR



“Amal! Oh my goodness,” warm arms surrounded me and my cheeks were kissed, not once, not twice, but…

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