An Experiment In #Writing #ContemporaryRomance: AMAL, Part 2

I forgot to share part two of that time I tried writing a book about regular people falling in love and having sex and messing with each other…without any magic, dragons, or poison-tipped blades…that piece of adult contemporary romance also known as AMAL



It’s been a few days since I posted Part 1 of AMAL, my little exercise or experiment or hmmmm…my dance around the outskirts of writing adult contemporary romance.

In other words, my book about humans.

Sexy, smart humans.

Sexy, smart humans living in NYC, bumping into each other, and of course at some point, fucking each other.

Ready for Part 2?



“Miss?” the salesclerk stared at me like I had three heads, her eyebrows raised in slight irritation, “do you have two cents?”

“What? Oh yeah, sure, hold on,” I stuttered, gathering myself and my bearings as I dug into my wallet for two pennies and handed them over, “sorry about that.”

Something told me the stranger was smiling, I could feel his eyes all over me, their amusement like a soft kiss to that special spot on my neck. 

Stop it, Amal


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