The 5 Stages of Killing Off One of Your Fictional Characters #writer #amwriting

For all of you who have killed off characters. While I may not hashtag my loss, this post is so spot on. *goes to a corner and cries*



  1. Awareness. Whilst happily writing your story you become aware of a little voice deep inside you saying “that much loved character needs to be killed off!” You start to shake your head in disbelief and assume thewriter shell shocked face. Loved ones at this point may raise an eyebrow as they can see youmuttering away to yourself. They are oblivious to the fact that you are entering your own form of literary hell – much loved character death.
  2. Denial. You quickly rise from your chair and start to pace the room. You can’t kill off that much loved character. Quickly you enter into writer denial mode and say things like “their death won’t advance my sagging plot” and “their death won’t motivate my other dull and lifeless characters”. You will look to uninterested loved ones for answers but they will simply shrug and turn back to the sport…

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