#BookReview – MONSTER by Kayti Nika Raet

That time fellow Write Bitch Kayti Nika Raet sat down and wrote the perfect novel…



YA Dystopia

Published July 18, 2015

Don’t Get Killed

In MONSTER, Kayti Nika Raet does it again, bringing the fierce and amazing with her fourth installment of The Outsider Chronicles. Set mostly in the city of Cherai, MONSTER recounts Niko’s desperate struggle to maintain control of the city while killers roam the streets, Slithers haunt the dark spaces, and death and desire commingle in such unfair interplay that one can only close their eyes, hold their breath, and hope.

For what, I’m not sure.

A happy ending, I doubt it.

Perhaps some hints of laughter and light, here and there.


But that’s a conversation for book five.

Right here and right now I can tell you that MONSTER grabs hold of the reader from page one and never lets go. As usual, Kayti excels in the action and fight sequences, thrilling and terrorizing with each slash of a…

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