Why I Write What I Write, Post #12: Constance Burris #StoryPeople

Today, fantasy author Constance Burris is swinging by to talk about what inspired her to write her books. Thanks for stopping in, Constance!

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Why do I write what I write? I could give you the simple answer: I write because I hear voices who curse at me if I don’t tell their stories. But since I have two stories published and two more on the way, I’m going be more specific and tell you why I wrote what I’ve written.

Chaos  A Short Story

In high school, I had planned on being a pilot in the military, but I got pregnant my sophomore year in college. I didn’t want to be in the service with a baby in tow, so I gave up that dream.

When the father chose not to be involved and I didn’t blink twice. I came from a long line of single mothers. They did it. I could do it.  I believed the hype that black women were strong, powerful and we can do it all alone. I learned the hard way that’s bull shit. We may be strong but no one can do it alone. So I wrote Chaos with a strong, black protagonist who was a pilot. In the end, to help her children she needed to ask for help.

Medusa: Part One of Black Beauty and Black Beauty: The Complete Series

I was one of six kids raised on welfare and food stamps. Most of the kids I knew had exotic African American names. None of this was reflected in the young adult fantasy I read.  So I wrote Medusa and the other stories in Black Beauty because I wanted to see my childhood reflected in a twisted urban young adult fantasy with characters with names like Chantel, Shemeya, and Andre.


I am a big fantasy reader. My favorite fantasies are the Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore and The Hobbit by Tolkien. I wrote Coal simply because I wanted see a black boy running around the fey realm with elves, dwarfs, and horrible scary creatures.

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About Constance Burris

Constance is on a mission to take over the world through science fiction and fantasy. She blogs at www.constanceburris.net. And you can purchase her stories Chaos and Medusa here. Coal is currently available for pre-order here.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Write What I Write, Post #12: Constance Burris #StoryPeople

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  2. Can totally relate to the exotic names bit! My name will never be anything but a word lol. Maybe someday a person will write a story with a character named Libertad, until then i’m gonna keep my hopes high! Great post!


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