Why I Write What I Write, Post #11: Kevin Singer #StoryPeople

This Monday, we’ve wrangled Kevin Singer into coming to the blog. Hi, Kevin! Floor’s all yours…

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Why do I write what I write? It’s a straightforward question. Over many years of writing I’ve settled into crafting pieces that contain a strong supernatural or sci-fi element. Why? Because I love the outsized, soul-shaking reverberations that genre fiction, in all its varied permutations, affords.

But for me, the biggest question is the first part: why do I write?

–I write because I’m hungry and writing is the only thing I’ve ever found that can fill this bottomless appetite.

–I write because I love words — the way they look on paper, the way they sound on the tongue, the way they reverberate in the ear. As a reader I’m dazzled by the written word and the stories they create. I hope to add just a little to the human canon of literature.

–I write because I am privileged to live in a time and a place where I have the freedom, space and ability to express myself. This is a very recent thing in my family (and human) history, and I am proud to acknowledge and embrace that privilege.

–I write because fiction is an escape for me. Books give me insight into a world beyond mine, and now I want to do that for someone else.

–I write because the act of writing has been a lifesaver for me. Writing gave me hope in one of the worst times of my life. It was there when I needed it, and I thank God for that blessing.

–I write because I want the reader to hear what I have to say. Call it vanity, but in my mind, it’s about me connecting with you in the best way I know how — with my words. Whatever I write, I’m always thinking of the best way to reach the reader. But even if I fail in that mission, I will still write.

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House of Flies

About Kevin Singer

Kevin Singer is the author of the supernatural thriller The Last Conquistador and stories including Left Among the Mutants and House of Flies, all available on Amazon and BN.com. His short story The Girl Who Slipped Through the Mirror will appear in an anthology this fall by Intrigue Publishing. Follow him at ReadByKevin.com.

Twitter: @kevin_singer

Amazon links:


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