Pale & Crimson

I’ve been a writing demon these past few months. Writing… rewriting… the dreaded editing stage… and now, with Monster set to be available for preorder on the 6th I decided to share a little gift with the not-so-patient.

A free short story!



From now until July 18th, you can get your eager little hands on Pale and Crimson, a nice, gruesome little short story set in the Outsider universe.


Slithers are vicious creatures. Craving flesh and blood, they will stop at nothing until their hunger is satisfied. So when sixteen year old Benjamin King discovers that one has been smuggled onto the train, he’s eager to see it, even if it has been drugged into a mindless stupor.
But one moment can change everything.
Set six years before Niko, Pale and Crimson chronicles how one decision can have far reaching consequences.


Check it out HERE


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