Season Of The Witch: TEASER #5

Things are really ramping up between Georgia and Darius! Check it out for yourself…

L.J.K. Oliva | Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance


† † †

Slowly, the world settled around her.  Darius’s leather jacket was cool and foreign against her cheek.  Georgia sighed.  She could feel him chuckle, then he shifted until she was standing on her own two legs again.  She braced herself for when he backed away.

He didn’t.  His arms closed around her.  His chin came to rest on top of her head.  Georgia’s lips curved.  She closed her eyes.

Something unmistakably hard jabbed her stomach.  Georgia opened her eyes again.  Her mouth went dry.  “Ah.  Darius.”

“Don’t.”  His voice was quiet, but the warning was unmistakable.

Impossibly, a slow trickle of heat started to pool inside her again.  It made her bold.  Georgia rubbed against him.  “Darius.”  She started to reach for the fly of his jeans.

Darius caught her wrist.  Georgia looked up at him.  His face was drawn tight.  She blew out a frustrated breath.  “I…

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