I Want


There is nothing more I want than to touch you

I crave it just like you said I would.

I want to run my hands up your thighs and press my palm against that fucking huge bulge and listen to you moan while my lips press to your throat and I taste the salt of your sweat

I want to climb into your lap and grind my wet pussy against you and wrap my fingers in your hair and kiss you so deeply you lose your breath

I want you to touch my face and lips and throat

and kiss me softly as if I’m delicate and I matter and am not just the girl you slammed into the door and fucked like a whore and I want you to whisper in my ear that you have never seen anyone so beautiful and that I





6 thoughts on “I Want

    • Thanks, babe. I’m trying – I feel like I’m getting better and although writing in the first person is still horribly strange, I rather like it for this book. It makes these scenes so much more personal. This paragraph in the novel reads better because it’s just one flowing section – I like the rhythm better in my draft than how it is here, but I felt like I had to make it look kind of pretty for the blog. As one flowing paragraph, it better captures Juma’s personality. Anyway, you didn’t ask for all of that but am feeling rather chatty this morning…am now going back into my hole. xx

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