The End




I did it! I wrote the final sentence of Monster, book 4 of the Outsider Chronicles! Yay!

(Only six more chapters to go!)

I never realized this until writing book 4 but the closer I get to the final part of the story the slower I write. Which is weird because since I hop all over the place, the book isn’t finished after writing “The End” usually I have to go back and fill in that middle part I’ve been avoiding.

Despite knowing that, without fail, as the sentences wind down and “The End” is imminent,  what should only take two hours gets spread out over three days. Maybe I’m savoring the moment. Maybe I don’t want to say goodbye to my precious babies (though after the hell I’ve put them through the definitely want to say goodbye to me!) Maybe I’m staving off that “What shall I do now?” feeling you get after completing your book.

I have no idea why it’s like that. I can only say one thing.



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