5 Random Things I Find Sexy

Okay looking over the title, they’re not exactly random, but whatever. I’m in a sharing mood and YOU WILL KNOW. 🙂

As much as I like that cool, intelligent looking dude reading a book (and if he’s reading one of my favorite books, I’m totally plotting our future together #NoImNotCreepy ), some things are just… hot. Here’s a list of some of them. 😀


Long fingers

I’ve always liked nice hands. Perhaps it’s the writer and once-a-year artist in me, but long hands look so elegant, and light callouses and long fingers just make them look really… dexterous.





I don’t know, there is just something about a nice, well tailored suit that fits snugly against the leg. But not so snugly that you can slip a hand in, just because.





Yes, I couldn’t make this list without mention my favorite, sexiest, accessory. I’ve always thought glasses made people hot. You know those scenes in movies or TV where the guy takes off the girl’s glasses and suddenly she’s STUNNING?



Not feeling it.

Put those glasses back on and continue to be your hot, can-now-see-in-front-of-you self.



You may be cute Mr. Hero, but take me to the dark side! :9 






*fans self* Let me take a moment…


Look at this random sexy picture of Godfrey Gao!

Okay, back!

Of all the sports, lacrosse player have the sexiest bodies, ever. It’s trim, it’s fit (them legs!), it’s part of the reason why I was excited to see the movie Crooked Arrows. A majority of the cast was of Native American descent, and the story was pretty decent, but a good third of me went there expecting to full on perv. :3

Long Legs

Perhaps not long legs so much as a good leg line, just something I can watch in a non-stalkery manner as you walk by…





Now that I’ve fully weirded you out (oh? You’re still here? Cool.) what are some things you find  sexy? More importantly, do you have a glasses-fetish like me? Can we perv together? :3





9 thoughts on “5 Random Things I Find Sexy

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  3. Great post! And you know I’ll totally perv out with you any day. Here are my five random sexies:
    1. Facial hair – not sure why, but God do I love a man with facial hair. It’s so fucking sexy and utterly masculine.
    2. Ties – there is nothing hotter than a man in a tie. The things I can do with that tie…
    3. The curve of a woman’s hip – I’m not sure if a sexier line can be drawn than that curve, be it slight or mighty. And oh my, the magic it holds
    4. Tattoos – this one is a given. Not even going to bother elaborating
    5. Skateboarding – it evokes youth and reckless abandon and speed and danger and a general fuck you to all things establishment and it’s a total turn on. There’s something so hot about seeing a guy or a girl walking down the street with a board in their hand, ready to take off whenever the whim hits. That freedom…

    Perv on that, bitches.

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