The Three J’Amigos Are Back!

Want some girl power? Check out Rose Montague’s JANE and the three J’Amigos…


Last July I reviewed Rose Montague’s JANE, a fun, sexy, thrilling fantasy romp, full of vibrant characters, pedal-to-the-metal car chases, and one hell of an ending.


Well, guess what?

Homegirl just published JANE, the follow-up to JADE, and folks are saying it’s all kinds of awesome.

“As a sequel, Jane picks up where Jade left off, and gives us chance to spend some more quality time with the three J’Amigos. This is a very fun adventure, filled with shifters, vampires, witches, faeries, Angels and Demons. Rose Montague’s world is inhabited by all sorts of fabulous supernatural creatures, and it’s a rocking good time for sure. The characters are diverse and creative and the story rockets along at a fast pace. As the tag line suggests, there is, indeed, a wedding and a funeral, and both are invitations I would not have wanted to miss.”


And trust me, you…

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