Late last night, carousing around on the interwebs, I stumbled across Dove’s marketing campaign, #SpeakBeautiful, the tag line being “our beauty words matter.”

And I fell in love right away.

Yes, this is a marketing strategy for a multi-national, multi-gazillion dollar company, as so many nay-sayers and uber-cool folks on Twitter are quick to point out

but I don’t care – I rather like it

and I was NEVER one of the cool folks, so I’m jumping on board and am down for the cause because the fact remains, our beauty words do matter

and more often than not, the words we women hear are neither positive nor empowering nor uplifting.

More often than not they make us insecure and uncertain, they leave us feeling small or unloved.

So at Write Bitches, we’re getting on board

and speaking beautiful




our gorgeous, loving, brilliant, badass sisters.

Every so often, when the mood so hits, we’ll post a little love note for all of y’all out there, a little something to brighten your day, make you laugh, make you think

about the words we use

#SpeakBeautiful my badass bitches

it matters.





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