Let’s Talk: Female Empowerment & Literature

OY! I seem to have managed to inspire someone to do something awesome. Have you met Batool or checked out her excellent blog, Batools Book Feels? If you answered either of those questions with a no, then I highly recommend checking out this badass young woman. She’s smart, she’s witty, she’s driven, she’s funny. In a nutshell, Batool is the business. Rock on with your bad self, girlfriend, rock on.

Hello there!

A while ago, my friend Madhuri Blaylock did a series on #WeNeedDiverseBooks. Essentially, she had a bunch of bloggers (including myself) each do a guest post to talk about why they think we need diverse books. Having been inspired by Madhuri, I’d like to do my own series here at Batool’s Book Feels. My series, however, will be focused on female empowerment and it’s connection to literature. I’ve invited a few awesome bloggers to participate, so this should be interesting!

I hope you enjoy reading everyone’s posts 🙂

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